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2 years ago

Free Porn at PinkWorld

I had parked next to a forest and saw a line of cars. I went into the woods and saw an older man, probably about 50 to the construction of large, nodding my head. I went and fortunately, the forest was dense, unzipped and pulled out a thick tail. Pulled out, which is quite thick, but a little smaller than yours. Were a lightning bolt in his big hands on me, put his hand under my t - Hirt and squeezed my nipples hard, then put a hand on the back of my pants, a thick finger slid between my buttocks - the cheeks and pushed me. I jumped, but it felt really good - like a small tail. We masturbate each other for a while, then put his hand on the neck and pushed me in the direction of the tail. An enormous mass of pre-cum flowed from his cock and I wanted, but had a very firm grip on my neck and dragged me to my lips touched his cock and smeared pre -cum in pinkworld my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck his penis and testicles. When your cookingk was good in my mouth, grabbed my head with both hands pinkworld and began to face fuck pinkworld me say. " sissy slut you Take " I almost gagged, but he went and gave a sigh pinkworld and his load hit the back of my throat , most of which I swallowed immediately. He pulled his cock from my mouth and around it rubbed on the face. He zipped up and went clean. It was great

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